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The artworks of Terry Jackson span many decades, methods, styles and materials

Porcelain ,fine delicate translucent porcelain, tightly knife finished woodcarving ,sculpted and engraved sterling silver jewelry, artistically glazed stoneware cast tile art are only some of the works Terry has done.

Terry has worked mainly in wood then porcelain and silver and lately stoneware tiles. He has a passionate love with ,has a very deep understanding and is fully literate in the “Northwest coast aboriginal art style or First  nation visual language of the Haida,Haisla ,    Heiltsuk ,Gitksan,Tsimshian and Tlingit for over thirty five years. He designed and produced his own line of  Limited Edition porcelain . “Tsolum River Studios”  was made in a limited edition in his own home and  studio.

The latest line of fine porcelain “Terry Jackson Designs”was made with great care and expense out of the finest kaolins in the world in Jindengzhen China.There working with noted porcelain art maker Yaosheng Ceramics Terry has reproduced from his yellow cedar wood masters ,exquisite fine vases revealed here .

True enduring beauty is a result of much time and struggle.It is rare and hard to find.After decades of perserverance and resolve come success.


Being Metis is something that Terry has had to grasp and realize as there were no real early models for artists..